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Super-Eco Mode

We're all about the small changes that add up to big impact. Put our site into Super-Eco Mode to experience it's lowest impact version and tips on how you can make to reduce the environmental footprint of your website.

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Our guiding principles.

How we help our clients sell their products the right way.

Image of a sticker on a lamppost that reads "people before profit".
Crowd holding banners which say 'make love not CO2' and 'respect your mother earth'


Design and User Experience plays a huge part when it comes to the environmental impact and carbon footprint of an ecommerce store. From the physical drain of your store on consumer devices, to the content and user journey's that guide the design.

  • Muted colour palette which emits less light
  • Minimal interactions and animation


The core code of your Shopify store needs to be as efficient as possible in order to have minimal impact on the planet.

  • Efficient coding (shrinking scripts, compressing downloads, setting appropriate caching times, and combining files)
  • We apply an overall page weight budget for our Shopify stores
  • We only included front-end features that have minimal impact on code


The impact of your Shopify store on the people that use it is just as important as its impact on the planet.

  • WCAG AA rating (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)
  • Alt-tags for image content
  • Community-focused customer experience
  • Screen reader-friendly content components


The impact of your Shopify store is directly affected by the partners, apps and software that you bring into your tech stack.

  • We partner with Ecologi to offset our projects
  • We use green tools to deliver our projects
  • We work with tech partners that share our values
  • Carbon neutral or negative shipping
  • Green hosting (domain & site)


Content is one of the biggest factors when considering the impact of your Shopify store, it is key to only include what's absolutely necessary and ensure that what is included, is as efficient as possible.

  • Static images instead of video
  • Content-first approach to theme design
  • Image optimisation
  • Responsive image features
  • In-store SEO content

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