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All the ingredients for a richer health food experience.

  • Custom theme design
  • Custom theme development
  • Growth partnership
Product shot of Hunter & Gather avocado oil with fresh avocados and red chillies

Hunter & Gather is a health food brand that provides beautifully considered products, recipes, articles and content. It’s all about giving people the tools to thrive.

With a strong presence in the keto and paleo communities, Hunter & Gather helps people to prepare deliciously tasty, nutrient-dense meals free from refined sugars, grains, and inflammatory oils.

It’s good stuff. 

After undertaking a rebrand and building some strong industry buzz, they were keen to grow awareness and sales with a stylish and accessible new site. It needed to reflect the quality of their products and content. Enter us. 

Looks the part. Works a charm.

We began our collaboration as a strategic design partner. We defined what they were looking for, designed the look of their new online home based on their new brand, and then we built it all out. 

Full of praise for our work, they signed us up to evolve and grow their subscription model. We worked closely with co-founders Amy and Jeff to help Hunter & Gather reach even more health-conscious customers.

Screenshot of a webpage on mobile phone, designed by Noughts & Ones
Screenshot of a recipes page on the Hunter & Gather mobile website, designed by Noughts & Ones
Screenshot of a webpage on mobile phone, designed by Noughts & Ones

The lovely little things

Some of the tasty features and functions we built;

  • Subscription builder page
  • Recharge Pro customer portal (via theme engine)
  • Site-wide brand pillar icons
  • 'Mega' menu with custom collections
  • Product-specific icons
  • Custom product page sections
  • Collection & product level FAQs
  • Content-led 'Learn' hub
  • Integrated blog & recipe content
  • Campaign landing pages
  • Customised slide-out cart

The partnership

We’ve formed a long-term strategic partnership with Hunter & Gather. Our collaboration is highly goal-driven, with monthly strategy calls and a weekly check-in to see how we can keep evolving things.

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    more sales

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    more subscription customers

Noughts & Ones took the time to understand our business and present creative solutions. We love their collaborative and strategic approach to our ongoing relationship.

Amy, co-founder of Hunter & Gather


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  • Custom theme design
  • Custom theme development


  • Custom theme design
  • Custom theme development


  • Custom theme design
  • Custom theme development



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