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Plastic-free cleaning pods that are making waves.

  • Custom theme design
  • Custom theme development
  • App development
  • Growth partnership

OceanSaver are leading the refill revolution with their plant-based cleaning pods. Simply add water for a powerful, planet-conscious clean.

Around 90% of a typical cleaning product is water. So, 90% of what’s being shipped could be added at home. Think of the difference shipping without plastic, in smaller containers would make.

Well, OceanSaver did. And their plant-based, plastic-free EcoDrops are the result.  

Before working with us, OceanSaver’s Shopify store had been build in-house and had done the job. But to take things to the next level, they needed something a bit more sophisticated.

A potent mixture

Our first task was to make sure the store could offer a basic subscription offer, without detracting from one-off sales. 

Then, to help increase conversion rates and order value, we helped design a mix-and-match strategy to provide the customer with more freedom.

This offering also needed to be communicated to their fulfilment software. We built a custom private app for that. 

The lovely little things     

Some of the squeaky clean features and functions we built;

  • Mix & match subscription builder
  • Recharge Pro customer portal (via theme engine)
  • Site-wide brand pillar icons
  • Plastic bottles saved counter
  • Responsive product annotations
  • Product-specific icons
  • Custom product page sections
  • Static promo assets on collection pages
  • Campaign landing pages
  • Custom fulfilment app development

The partnership 

Since delivering the Shopify project, we’ve been working with OceanSaver as a Growth Partner. So far, we’ve built landing pages, and rolled out a subscription offering, customer portal and loyalty programme.

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Awards & mentions

CSSDA Special Kudos award for OceanSaver by Noughts & Ones
  • OceanSaver
  • Special Kudos
CSSDA UX Design Award for OceanSaver by Noughts & Ones
  • OceanSaver
  • UX Design Award
CSSDA UI Design Award for OceanSaver by Noughts & Ones
  • OceanSaver
  • UI Design Award
CSSDA Innovation Design Award for Oceansaver by Noughts & Ones
  • OceanSaver
  • Innovation Design Award
CSS Star Award Winner - OceanSaver by Noughts & Ones
  • OceanSaver
  • CSS Winner
  • Star Award

Nothing is too difficult for Noughts & Ones, they always bring creative solutions to the challenges that we throw their way. 

Head of DigitalOllie

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