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Shopify Editions Winter 2024: What's new?

Industry Insights, 31st January 2024

Today saw the next instalment of Shopify’s biannual editions updates: Winter Editions 2024.


Shopify Editions represents the features developments that Shopify is introducing in order to support the entire e-commerce ecosystem: from merchants and partners to designers and developers alike. 


The previous Summer Editions 2023 - Imagine: My Business, My Store, My Future introduced 100+ game changing product updates and Winter Editions 2024 - Foundations has been no different. 


So what are the highlights from this Winter Editions 2024? 

Let’s get into some of the most significant updates on both Shopify and Shopify Plus.


Combined Listings

Displaying variants with dynamic content is a common request that we come across, and something that we've implemented on numerous stores. With Shopify's new native app products with variant options can now all be displayed on a single parent listing and product page! Each variant has its own description, media gallery, and URL. Exclusive to Shopify Plus.


More info here.


Increased Product Variants

A common frustration for merchants with medium to large product catalogues has been the 100 variant limit which they often hit pretty quickly. Not any more! The new Product API, now available in Developer Preview, enables the use of the GraphQL Admin API to create and edit products with up to 2,000 variants.


More info here.


Checkout Extensibility

As well as Shopify having the highest-converting checkout on the internet, Checkout Extensibility enables further customisation and is now even more powerful with 14 new APIs and UI components. Furthermore, it is also now supported on the Thank You and Order Status pages. Exclusive to Shopify Plus. 


More info here.


Expanded Discounts

Shopify have introduced new types of discounts, including free automatic shipping discounts, automated fixed amount and "Buy X get Y" promotions. Buyers will also see exactly how much they’ve saved right in the cart view.


More info here.


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Shopify Subscriptions

Now in full release,  Subscriptions enables merchants to easily set up and manage subscriptions directly from the Shopify admin dashboard, and enable customers the flexibility to modify or skip subscriptions directly from their account. 


More info here.


Product Bundles

Shopify have increased the maximum number of products that can be offered in a bundle from 10 to 30 - with Shopify Scripts, bundles can help merchants increase average order value.


More info here.


Carbon Neutral Shipping

Modern shoppers care about the climate, and the new Planet app from Shopify gives them a more sustainable way to ship. Merchants can use the Planet app to surface a carbon-neutral shipping option, build brand loyalty, and have a real impact.


More info here.


Web Performance Dashboard

Shopify's Storefront Performance has had a big upgrade with enhanced insights with trusted insights across three Core Web Vitals. Over the past year, Shopify's infrastructure is 35% faster and they have expanded our global points of presence.


More info here.

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Sales Rep Permissions

A game changer for B2B users. New staff permissions enable merchants to restrict access for sales team members users so that they can only place orders and view customer information associated with their specific accounts. Define access levels for sales managers and sales reps using roles within staff permissions. Exclusive to Shopify Plus.


More info here.


Theme Blocks

Theme blocks are now reusable allowing developers to streamline workflow by defining blocks once and reusing them across multiple sections. Blocks can also now be nested in up to eight layers meaning that they can be easily edited and reordered without the need to hard code changes.


More info here.


Customer Account Extensibility

Now in developer preview, extensions can be built directly into new customer accounts with the same UI components as Shopify Checkout, alongside new components, extension APIs, and external network calls. Certain third party apps can now be brought closer to customers and add powerful functionality to new customer accounts. 


More info here.


Updates to Shopify Flow

Developers like us can now write JavaScript code with the new `Run code` action to add logic, summarise data, calculate dates, and more. Furthermore, Flow tasks can now be previewed with the `dev` command and triggers can be built with more complex data structures like lists and objects.


Head to the Winter Editions 2024 - Foundations site for the full list of product announcements. 

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