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At Noughts & Ones, we're passionate about building memorable e-commerce experiences on Shopify. Dive into our world of design expertise, where we breathe life into your brand's digital realm, focusing on sustainability, low-impact design, and exceptional performance.

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The building blocks of your Shopify store

A section library sits at the heart of our component-led design approach and is designed as a versatile collection of reusable content sections, each designed for efficiency and innovation. These sections serve as the building blocks of your Shopify store, ensuring consistency, adaptability, and easy updates.


Whether you need compelling hero sections, product grids, promotional banners, or testimonial carousels, your section library will have you covered. 

Crafting a seamless structure for your Shopify store

Your store's foundation matters, and our site architecture mapping lays the groundwork. Our process includes in-depth analysis of your content hierarchy and URL structure, ensuring a sustainable architecture that aligns with SEO best practices and delivers a purchase journey that converts.


From here, we build a sitemap outlining your new website's structure, page hierarchy and content requirements. Our meticulous planning covers core pages, secondary elements and essential account pages within Shopify.


Each page blueprint includes the necessary content sections in a conversion-optimised arrangement. By aligning with your business needs from the outset, we ensure designs that complement the planned page structure, not vice versa.

Finding the creative inspiration

Once we’ve had a call to discuss your specific brand requirements and any design inspiration you are able to provide, we conduct a round of our own internal investigation of a selection of different live websites and alternative prototype concepts that each demonstrate a successful response to individual elements of the brief.


To avoid subconscious bias, we explore concepts both inside and outside your specific industry that help us determine a broad selection of potential routes to success, providing notes for each concept that help you understand which elements we would look to take forward into your own unique designs.

Evolving the creative direction 

After running through our initial mood board findings with you, we begin the first stage of design conceptualisation. In essence, this is where we put pen to paper for the first time and let our design team run wild with creativity. We typically explore two different aesthetic routes that each focus on different layout, typographic, iconographic, colour and image presentation.


The core principle behind the style tile process is that by exploring two contrasting options and collating core feedback from the client as early in the design process as possible, we are able to jump into core homepage design concepts with your initial likes and dislikes already considered.

Responsive and engaging Shopify store design

Transitioning from concept to creation, we deliver mobile-first, responsive sections for a set of pre-defined core page templates. 


To ensure maximum fidelity for all users, we design for the smallest versions of the most common desktop and mobile resolutions found across devices today so that users never see a version of your website where the content is too heavily compressed without any room to breathe.


We always start with the Home page (which typically include the most varied set of content sections).Our senior design team will then present your bespoke Home page concepts to you on a call to run through the designs on a section-by-section basis, collating any feedback and amends you may have to be actioned.


Upon approval of the Home page, we meticulously craft any remaining sections the remaining page template designs. Our constant collaboration between design and development teams guarantees feasible, user-friendly layouts within the project scope.

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