With the support of like-minded partners, we're helping our clients sell their products online the right way.

Crafting a new Shopify store often requires integrating various third-party apps and platforms. We meticulously select partners who resonate with our core values, ensuring that the ripple effect of positive impact reaches far beyond our own doorstep.

The Rebuy team is thrilled to be working with the Noughts & Ones team by empowering brands to increase their average order value (AOV) and revenue through AI-driven up-sell and cross-sell product recommendations. Our mutual commitment to efficiency aligns with our dedication to sustainability, as we work together to help our clients not only stand out but also adopt eco-conscious practices in their operations, enabling them to compete effectively with larger, fast-growing brands. We are confident that by combining our efforts, we will not only succeed but also contribute to a more sustainable future for e-commerce!

Valeria Granda, Agency Partner Manager — Rebuy Engine

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On top of the environmental impact of subscriptions, Recharge integrates with EcoCart, Corso, Ecodrive and Stripe Climate.

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Greenspark is the impact partner for our agency and we also offset all projects through our partnership network.

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Rebuy allows us to optimise performance by replacing a number of single-function apps - less apps means lower impact.

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Product reviews and Social proof are pivotal for high converting e-commerce stores that also help to minimise the number of returns.

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Not only are Gorgias B Corp certified, they have a number of people and planet focused initiatives to ensure positive impact.

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As the leading carbon neutral checkout app, EcoCart pioneer positive impact through their global network of offsetting projects.

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Klaviyo is the gold standard when it comes to emails for e-commerce brands and they integrate with all of our other main partners.

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Carbon Click

Carbon Click facilitates carbon offset solutions for Shopify merchants with a simple in cart widget - they’re also a B Corp!

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Bind Media

Bind Media are a proactive local B Corp and our preferred partner when it comes to all things paid media.

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Partnering with Noughts and Ones Agency is an absolute game changer in the e-commerce space.Their innovative approach to web development, with a sustainable twist, not only helps brands boost their online results but enables them to do so in all the right ways. The team's dedication, creativity, and attention to detail are truly commendable - they go above and beyond to understand each brand’s unique needs and deliver tailored solutions that drive results. We love collaborating with them on client projects, utilising our platform and adding the unique Noughts & Ones’ eco-friendly touch, with killer designs! We couldn't be happier with our partnership and look forward to achieving even greater success together in the future.

Victoria Locking, Partnerships Manager — Reviews.io

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