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Working in collaboration with Middle Name, we audited and refined design concepts to deliver a custom subscription-first Shopify store.

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Expansion of Static Designs with Customisable Theme Sections

Once the design stage was complete, we collaborated with the client to expand on these static designs by developing new customisable theme sections with multiple configurations to allow for greater content flexibility.

Utilising Shopify Metafields and Metaobjects for Product Data Enhancement

By utilising Shopify metafields and the brand new metaobjects feature, we were able to vastly expand on the client’s existing product data, emphasizing the unique qualities of each product, while maintaining simplicity for content management and template customisation.

Balancing Interactive Functionality and Accessibility

In the interests of user experience, we were also careful to ensure a good balance between interactive functionality and accessibility, particularly in regard to dropdown navigation and a wide variety of content sliders.

Mobile Layout Optimization and Cross-Browser Testing

To ensure a consistent experience for all users, we regularly reviewed and reiterated mobile layout and visual style to improve user experience on smaller screens that utilize touch controls. We conducted regular cross-browser and device testing and debugging to ensure that Edmunds' new store continued to look beautiful regardless of the customer's choice of device.

Implementation of User-Friendly Interface with Recharge Payments

We developed a user-friendly interface with Recharge Payments that enabled customers to create their own personalised boxes by combining different cocktails and allowing customers to choose the size and contents of their boxes.

Introduction of Subscription Model and Discounts

We also implemented a subscription model for customers to create repeat orders and offered a 10% discount for customers who subscribed to the cocktail boxes.

Configuration of Preset Bundle Options for Subscriptions

Additionally, we assisted with the initial setup of preset bundle options for customers who preferred pre-selected cocktail combinations and configured these preset bundles to be available as subscription boxes as well.

Customisation of Recharge Customer Portal

Once complete, we then customised the Recharge customer portal to align with the brand’s visual identity, all the while ensuring a consistent and branded experience for customers when managing their subscriptions.

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Edmunds Cocktails Testimonial

"We couldn't be happier with how our new Shopify store turned out - it looks fantastic! We thought Noughts & Ones might be beyond our budget as a startup so we almost didn't approach them, but I'm extremely glad we did!"

Tom Mayes, Co-founder — Edmunds Cocktails

Pulling together planet-conscious tech stack partners for a low impact store experience

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On top of the environmental impact of subscriptions, Recharge integrates with EcoCart, Corso, Ecodrive and Stripe Climate.

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Klaviyo is the gold standard when it comes to emails for e-commerce brands and they integrate with all of our other main partners.

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Not only are Gorgias B Corp certified, they have a number of people and planet focused initiatives to ensure positive impact.

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