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Our challenge was to create a subscription-first e-commerce experience that was natural and impactful – just like the product.

Sick of knowing the products we use to stay fresh actually stink for the planet, fussy. developed a simple and natural alternative: a plastic-free, compostable case with all-natural and 100% vegan refills. It’s as beautiful to use as it is to smell.
Following a phenomenal Kickstarter campaign, and armed with a wonderful brand from Two Times Elliot, our challenge was to create a subscription-first e-commerce experience that not only championed the fussy. brand, but offered a super-simple customer journey.

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Bespoke Shopify Theme with Immersive Subscription Builder

To enhance functionality, we designed and built a bespoke Shopify theme with a central focus on an immersive subscription builder. This innovative feature was supported by a customer portal powered by ReCharge Pro using Theme Engine.

Structuring Products for Seamless Order Fulfilment

Navigating the tricky tech aspect, we ensured proper structuring of products to guarantee seamless order fulfilment across all systems, providing a smooth and efficient customer experience.

Immersive Design Balancing Brand Beauty and Sales

The tricky design bit was creating a truly immersive experience that balanced brand beauty with product sales.

Fresh Features and Functions Integrated into the Shopify Store

Some of the fresh features and functions we baked into the Shopify store;

  • Floating, colour-changing product
  • Immersive subscription builder flow
  • Refill bundle builder
  • Subscription customer portal
  • Fixed mobile Call To Action
  • On-scroll 'stop motion' style images
  • Plastic impact calculator

Continuous Improvement and Data-Driven Updates

Post-delivery of the main Shopify project, we actively collaborated with the client on iterations and data-driven updates to improve the customer experience.

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Pulling together planet-conscious tech stack partners for a low impact store experience

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On top of the environmental impact of subscriptions, Recharge integrates with EcoCart, Corso, Ecodrive and Stripe Climate.

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Product reviews and Social proof are pivotal for high converting e-commerce stores that also help to minimise the number of returns.

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Klaviyo is the gold standard when it comes to emails for e-commerce brands and they integrate with all of our other main partners.

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Not only are Gorgias B Corp certified, they have a number of people and planet focused initiatives to ensure positive impact.

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