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Lupe likes to think of themselves as the rebels of the cleaning world, using their extensive expertise and their desire to be kind to the planet to make class-beating products.


Having achieved a baseline of financial performance, the team at Lupe Technology sought the help of Noughts & Ones to create a new scalable ecommerce store, targeted towards an American market that created the foundations for future growth.

Electing to work with Shopify, Lupe Technology required a responsive and engaging website that enabled them to sell their industry-leading 'Pure Cordless' vacuum cleaner more effectively while maintaining more direct control over the website and its content.

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Sitemap and wireframes

Utilising best UX practices for a successful e-commerce user journey

The initial phase involved comprehensive website sitemapping and wireframing, employing industry-leading UX practices. With a lot of product information to communicate, and with the knowledge of a relatively long purchase lead time, the primary objective was to establish a seamless e-commerce user journey for customers on their first or fifth visit to the store. 

Design exploration via Style Tiles

Three unique concepts to inspire the creative direction

The design process commenced with the development of three distinct style tiles exploring diverse visual design systems. One of these tiles was selected as the foundation for the full website page designs, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing user interface.

Shopify theme designs

Responsive designs across eight core page templates

A custom, responsive, and accessible Shopify theme was meticulously designed around eight core page templates. Special attention was given to the implementation of a slide-out cart functionality for both desktop and mobile platforms, enhancing the overall user experience.

Store UI kit

Ensuring pixel-perfect guidelines for future development

To facilitate a seamless transition from design to development, a comprehensive store UI kit was crafted. This kit aimed at providing a pixel-accurate handover between design and development teams and ensuring maximum fidelity for future work on Lupe Technology's digital assets.

Shopify 2.0 theme development

Reusable code components for minimal impact

The development phase emphasised the creation of a Shopify Online Store 2.0 compatible theme with a deep focus on reusable code components and sections. Not only does this approach ensure consistency across all pages, it allows super simple content management for future updates which was supported by thorough documentation.

Performance optimisation

Optimising the front and back end for rapid page loading

One of the primary objectives for this project (and any project using our Conscious Development™ framework) was optimising site performance. This involved a meticulous examination of both the front and back end, actively suggesting and implementing lightweight alternatives to minimise unnecessary load times.

Responsive Development

Ensuring Optimal Functionality Across Devices and Browsers

A dedicated effort was made to ensure the website's optimal appearance and functionality across various devices, including mobile, tablet, and desktop screen sizes. Rigorous testing across different browsers was conducted to guarantee a consistent and reliable user experience.

Integration with Third-Party Services

Seamless Implementation of HubSpot and Features

Tight integration with third-party services was a key aspect of the project. This included the incorporation of HubSpot's chat widget and various features such as review sections, widget placements on product pages, and live chat widget launchers.

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Lupe Logo
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"Honestly the smoothest, and most well-executed project I've ever experienced in my professional career!"

Pablo Montero-Cowell, Co-Founder and Director at Lupe Technology

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