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Collaborative Development

Understanding the need for a seamless user experience on MOYU's mission and product pages, we closely collaborated with developer Maarten De Vries to craft a feature-packed Shopify store launched alongside their new Webflow website.

Responsive Design Tailored to Brand Guidelines

Armed with MOYU's recently refreshed brand guildeines, we took to Figma to create a range of fully-responsive core page designs tailored to both desktop and mobile resolutions. Each of these pages were comprised of a series of lightweight and flexible sections designed to take advantage of Shopify Online Store 2.0's 'sections everywhere' functionality.

Replication of Core Sections

Early on during our technical discovery process, we identified a selection of a few additional core sections that needed to be replicated perfectly on the Shopify platform. Fidelity was our core focus here, ensuring that any core functionality of these sections was migrated over to Shopify as pixel-perfectly as the platform would allow.

Custom Product Page Templates with Colour Palettes

In order for the website to serve as the perfect presentation tool for MOYU's diverse range of stone paper notebooks, we also created a series of product page templates, each of which utilising a custom colour palette specifically tailored to each range of notebooks. This approach allowed for the design of each notebook to be carried through across the overall aesthetic of the page, helping capture the attention of a customer much more effectively that taking a 'one size fits all' approach.

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Noughts & Ones delivered a site with unique designs based on the our needs, they led a superb project management process with punctual deliveries, professionalism and expertise.

Roel Schatorjé, Founder — MOYU Notebooks

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