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Launched in the UK in 2016 and having since grown internationally to over 25 countries, PRIMAL pride themselves in designing strength training equipment that helps their customers improve their health and well-being while discovering a strength they didn’t know they possessed.

With an ambition to grow a deeply-ingrained part of their culture, PRIMAL reached out to us looking to develop a new Shopify Plus theme based on store designs that an external design agency delivered as part of a more extensive company rebrand.

Research indicated that PRIMAL's audience wanted to be informed of any products that might suit their unique requirements, supported in their personal strength goals, and inspired by what either their personal or professional growth could look like in the years to come. These three key pillars acted as a 'north star' for the e-commerce experience we needed to deliver.

Guided by our own Conscious Development™ framework, we immediately set out to take a modular approach to Shopify theme development, providing the most long-term flexibility when building out a new Shopify store that was ready for future scalability and growth.

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Functional Migration and Integration

Collaborating with the client, we identified any specific functionality that required migrating from their previous website, working with them to recreate and integrate the desired functionality into their new store. 

Enhancing User Experience and Functionality

We worked with them to address any potential functional gaps and ambiguities in the initial designs, proposing solutions and enhancements to optimise the user experience and achieve the desired functionality.

Best Practices for Website Performance

Implementing best practices for website performance, we focused on image optimization, code minification, lazy-loading of images, and loading scripts only where necessary, ensuring an optimized and efficient website operation.

Responsive Design Testing and Mobile Optimization

Regularly testing against responsive website design criteria, we ensured the website's adaptability and performance on various devices and screen sizes. We also optimized mobile-specific elements, such as touch interactions and navigation, for a seamless mobile browsing experience.

On-Page Content Optimization

Working closely with the client, we focused on optimizing on-page content, including headings, meta tags, and descriptions. This strategic approach aimed to enhance search engine visibility and overall user experience.

Implementation of Analytics Tools

To track performance metrics and gather valuable data for continuous improvement, we implemented a series of website analytics tools. This proactive measure aimed to identify potential areas for enhancement, positively impacting the website's long-term growth.

Post-Launch Performance Reports

Following the successful launch of the website, we conducted comprehensive performance reports. This proactive step involved identifying any areas where performance fell short and taking action to address issues within our control, optimizing the website's overall performance.

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Product reviews and Social proof are pivotal for high converting e-commerce stores that also help to minimise the number of returns.

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